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(Corporate Social Responsibility)

We realise that our business doesn't exist in isolation. Our employees depend on our business. Our customers, suppliers and the local community are all affected by us and what we do. Our services, and the way we provide them, has an impact on the environment.

CSR is about understanding our business impact on the wider world and considering how we can use this impact in a positive way. It means taking a responsible attitude, going beyond the minimum legal requirements and following straightforward principles that would apply.

CSR cuts across almost everything we do and everyone we deal with. Our attitude to CSR means we consider the following:

  • The suppliers we choose and the way we deal with them. For example, trading with suppliers who pollute the environment is as irresponsible as doing so ourselves.
  • How we treat our employees. For the responsible business, this means doing more than simply complying with legal requirements.
  • How our business affects our local community and whether we should be actively involved.

How what we do affects the environment and what we can do to use resources more efficiently and reduce pollution and waste.